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Q3 2016 PSN Top Guns – Additional Stimulus Propels Markets

Nov 29, 2016 Ryan Nauman
Equity markets around the world didn’t allow the Brexit results to hold them down during the third quarter, as the primary global equity markets rallied. Investors’ confidence increased as it became clearer that the Brexit fallout would have a muted immediate impact on the global economy. The Federal Reserve left interest rates untouched during the quarter and yields on global sovereign debt remained at all-time lows with a record amount of sovereign debt trading at negative yields.

Q2 2016 PSN Top Guns - Brexit Vote Rattles the Global Market

Aug 29, 2016 Ryan Nauman
Brexit was the dominating theme throughout the second quarter of 2016. Global markets zigged and zagged every time a new Brexit poll was released. Despite the global sell-off during the days immediately following the Brexit vote, global markets rallied to finish the quarter up 1.21% (MSCI World Index).

PSN Top Guns Q1 2015 - New Highs with Minimal Gains

May 28, 2015 Ryan Nauman
Since 2000 Informa Investment Solutions has produced an elite list of separately managed account (SMA) Managers referred to as the PSN Top Guns list. Every quarter PSN ranks thousands of SMA products across dozens of universes. Looking at short- and long-term return and risk characteristics, PSN identifies the top SMA products from a variety of different perspectives. Informa clients can access the Top Guns portion of the Informa website...

PSN Top Guns: Managers of the Decade

Apr 7, 2014 Marc Odo
As of December 31st, Informa Investment Solutions calculates the PSN Top Guns – Managers of the Decade. And what a decade it has been! The annualized return of the S&P 500 over the decade was 7.4%- lower than its long-term average but by no means a “lost decade”. However, averages can smooth over a lot of variation. The last ten years contained three distinct market cycles. From January 2004 to October 2007 the markets had a nice run of a cumulative +43.3% following the bear market that inaugurated the new millennium. Trillions of dollars evaporated during the credit crisis between November 2007 and February 2009 and the market was down -50.9% over that stretch. Finally, between March 2009 and December 2013 the market recovered all those losses and was setting all-time highs after gaining an astounding +178.9% off the bottom.

U.S.-focused managers lead the way in 2013

Feb 26, 2014 Marc Odo
No one can deny the U.S. Equity markets had a fantastic 2013. The broad-based Russell 3000 was up 10.1% during the fourth quarter and 33.6% in 2013, its best year since 1995. However, optimists and pessimists disagree as to what drove the U.S. markets to all-time highs. Bulls point to an improving U.S. economy, an unemployment rate down to around 7%, a housing market on solid footing, strong corporate profits, and low inflation. Bears fretted about the sustainability of the rally and wondered just how much of the market’s performance was driven by five years of near-zero interest rates and three rounds of quantitative easing.

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