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Dynamic Universes

May 21, 2013 Jeremy Poulin

One of the great features inside of StyleADVISOR is the ability to create custom dynamic universes. Users of StyleADVISOR have always been able to create custom universes and use them within their analysis, but those universes were static and had to be refreshed every month to reflect the most current and appropriate managers. A dynamic universe, or peer group as some refer to it, is a universe that automatically updates with appropriate managers based off of user created filters as monthly updates are ran for StyleADVISOR. Creating a dynamic universe is a onetime process. A user can create the dynamic universe and then never have to worry about updating it again. Take a look at the simple instructions below to create your own dynamic universe in StyleADVISOR.

Creating a dynamic universe inside of StyleADVISOR will first start by browsing to the “File” menu, selecting “Edit Data Files” and choosing “Universe…”. As with any custom item inside of StyleADVISOR, a filename and description will need to be entered. Once this has been entered click on the “Select Managers” button. Here is where the creation of the dynamic universe begins.

Inside of the “Manager Selection Dialog”, select one or more databases from the dropdown located in the top left of the screen. After choosing the database(s) the universe will be built from, one of two paths can be taken. Begin by entering tickers or names into the “Keyword Search” line or click on the “Advanced Search” button and start adding custom filters. Dynamic universe can be created using either method.

If the “Advanced Search” button is selected, filters can be applied to the database(s) selected. The user can apply as many filters as necessary, to create a grouping of appropriate managers for the dynamic universe. After filtering down to an appropriate group of managers, one last step is required to create a dynamic universe. Located near the middle of the “Manager Selection Dialog”, a dropdown menu is available. From this dropdown menu, “Use Search Results” will need to be selected. By selecting this option, the universe will become dynamic, meaning the managers returned by the applied filters will change as data updates for StyleADVISOR are applied.

The great thing about Dynamic Universes inside of StyleADVISOR is that the user can create their universe(s) and then forget it, as the universe will always update itself automatically. Take advantage of this great feature inside of StyleADVISOR today and as usual, if there are any questions feel free to contact our support team by phone at (800) 789-5323/ (775)588-0654 or by e-mail at   

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