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Zephyr OnDEMAND Saved Reports, Saves You Time

Mar 2, 2015 Jeremy Poulin

Do you work on a sales team that is using Zephyr OnDEMAND? Do you notice that you are running the same report for colleagues or clients over and over again? With Saved Reports on Zephyr OnDEMAND, we have a way to make your day to day reporting easier. The Saved Reports feature in Zephyr ONDEMAND allows you to access a report with a single click of your mouse.

How to save a report on Zephyr OnDEMAND

A report on Zephyr OnDEMAND can be saved once it has been generated. In the bottom left hand corner of the screen, locate the “Report Name” field, where you can assign a name to the report you intend to save. Once you have given your report a name, saving it is as simple as clicking the “Save Report” button located directly below the “Report Name” field.

How to access a saved report

Once a report has been saved, it can now be accessed in the “Saved Reports” section located under the “Reports” tab. In the “Saved Reports” section you will see all reports that have been saved with your specific login. After locating your saved report, simply click on it to generate the report. What is nice about saved reports on Zephyr OnDEMAND is that as a saved report is generated it always uses the most current data available, so the report never becomes stale.

Editing a saved report

There will be situations where you may need to make slight changes to the parameters of a saved report. Maybe to add a comparison product, change the time period or select a new benchmark to name a few possibilities. This can be quickly done by simply selecting the “Edit Saved Report” icon located beside your saved reports name. After clicking on the icon you will be directed back to the parameters screen where you can make the necessary parameter changes and generate the saved report again. Once the report has been generated with the new parameters you can then again save the report if desired.

Organizing saved reports

As you begin to create more and more saved reports, you may find the need to begin organizing your reports. Under the “Saved Reports” section on your Zephyr ONDEMAND site you can organize your saved reports into a folder structure. Beside “Saved Reports” you will see an option to click a button titled “Organize”. By clicking this button you can add folders to the Saved Reports area. As these folders are created you will be given the ability to click and drag existing saved reports into their appropriate folder. Refer to the image below.

The saved reports feature built into Zephyr OnDEMAND is a great time saving tool and will become an important part of your day to day reporting. For more information or any questions regarding saved reports on Zephyr OnDEMAND, please feel free to reach out to our support team, either by e-mail at or by phone at (800) 789-5323 or (775)588-0654.

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