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Functionality FAQ and Answers: Zephyr OnDEMAND, Part 2

Sep 5, 2017 Jeremy Poulin

This blog aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to Zephyr OnDEMAND (ZOD).  The questions are in no particular order and focus on functionality within ZOD. We posted an earlier blog titled “Administrative FAQ and Answers: Zephyr OnDEMAND, Part 1” that focuses more on administrative maintenance related to ZOD.   If after reading this blog, you find that you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team by phone at (800) 789-5323 or by e-mail at

  • Q:  How do I modify the layout, change colors and add a company logo to a report on ZOD?
  • A:  The reports that are available for use on ZOD have been built in Zephyr’s desktop software, StyleADVISOR.  Due to this, to modify the layout, change colors or add a company logo to a report on ZOD the client administrator must have access to StyleADVISOR.  The client administrator must make the modifications to the report in StyleADVISOR, save the report as a template and upload the file to ZOD for the changes to take effect.  Client administrators are the only users that can upload files to ZOD.
  • Q:  How do I upload custom data to ZOD? 
  • A:  A custom data file must first be created containing the name and returns of the custom data series.  To create a custom data file that is uploaded to ZOD, access to Zephyr’s desktop software StyleADVISOR is required.  Custom data can either be created in StyleADVISOR or via a custom add-in for Excel.  Links to instructions for both methods are below.  Once the custom data file is created via StyleADVISOR or Excel, it then must be uploaded as a custom manager or index under the “Manage Site” tab on ZOD by the client administrator.

    Custom data via StyleADVISOR 

    Custom data via Excel

  • Q:  Can I have multiple benchmarks in a report on ZOD? 
  • A:  Yes, in a way.  Multiple benchmarks can be added to a parameter set by the client administrator.  Once the parameter set is selected for use in a report, ZOD will use the first selected benchmark in the parameter set as the primary benchmark and all other benchmarks selected in the same parameter set will be added to the report as additional managers alongside the selected products.  Only the primary benchmark will be used for statistics that require a benchmark to be calculated (i.e. R-squared, Alpha, Excess Return, etc.…).
  • Q:  Can I create my own parameter sets? 
  • A:  Yes, custom parameter sets can be created on ZOD.  Parameter sets can only be created by client administrators through the “Manage Site” tab.  For instructions on creating parameter sets, please e-mail
  • Q:How can I add disclosures to my reports on ZOD? 
  • A:  There are two ways to add disclosures to reports on ZOD.  Disclosures can either be manually entered by the client administrator as static text into the report template created on the StyleADVISOR desktop software.  Or a disclosure can be added to ZOD under the “Manage Site” tab by the client administrator and reflected in reports on ZOD via dynamic text that is placed into the report.
  • Q:  Is a saved report on ZOD saved with static data or will it update automatically? 
  • A:  A saved report will update from month to month as the data is updated on ZOD.
  • Q:  How do I select an index as a manager in a report? 
  • A:  Indexes cannot be selected as managers in a report on ZOD.  Indexes can only be assigned to parameter sets and used in the report that way.

    *One workaround that will allow users to use an index in a report, is to create a blend of an index and assign a 100% weighting to the index.  If blends are allowed in the report on ZOD, the index blend can be selected as a manager and ran in the report.

  • Q:  Can I create a PDF of a ZOD report and then automatically send the report via email?
  • A:  No, but you can generate the report PDF on ZOD, save the PDF to any location (i.e. your desktop) and then attach it to an email.

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