Zephyr StyleADVISOR

For advisors and money managers who need to showcase their investment strategies and market performance, Zephyr StyleADVISOR is the solution of choice. When introduced in 1992, the program was the first commercially available software to implement returns-based style analysis and has only improved over time. StyleADVISOR has continually evolved to become the most robust analysis and reporting platform available anywhere. 

"Zephyr StyleADVISOR is my secret weapon. It gives me an unfair advantage in the battle to win assets from top tier sophisticated investors."
– Deborah G. George, Growing Emerging Managers' Services (GEMS)

  • Easily Access Return Data 
    For all marketable security asset classes, including mutual funds and ETFs, separately managed accounts (SMAs), stocks, annuities, hedge funds and more, you can view or upload your own custom return streams.
  • Perform Sophisticated Manager and Peer Group Analyses
    By utilizing the software's 125 key statistics and metrics in an intuitive workflow, you can easily analyze managers and peer groups.
  • Create Customized Analysis Workbooks
    Choose any chart or table from our unique drag-and-drop gallery to customize the content, and look and feel of your workbook.
  • Conduct In-depth Manager Searches 
    Screen any combination of quantitative or qualitative investment criteria for manager searches.
  • Create Investment Portfolios and Strategic Asset Allocation Decisions 
    Using either classic mean variance optimization or the sophisticated Black-Litterman optimization model, you can efficiently make portfolios.
  • Estimate Future Wealth Goals 
    With various investment portfolios, you can incorporate user-defined inputs and cash flows with our powerful Monte Carlo simulation module.
  • Automate Your Marketing Report Updates 
    Using the program's Power Presenter capabilities, you can easily incorporate Zephyr StyleADVISOR metrics, charts and tables into your Microsoft Excel, Word, or PowerPoint documents.

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