Investment Manager and Research Content

Brokerages, institutional investors, consultants and wealth managers need to be able to quickly research, identify and compare investment products and managers. Having the most comprehensive data on separate account information at your fingertips allows you to provide unmatched intelligence and investment decision support to any client, anywhere in the world. 

With our investment manager research and selection solutions, you can research asset management firms, perform manager searches, conduct competitive analysis, build blends, review different investment scenarios and produce client presentations. Taking it a step further, you can then sort by more than 3,000-plus unique data fields, providing custom data sets and the ability to analyze blended portfolios. From there, you can create sophisticated reports, fact sheets and presentations to showcase performance and your firm’s unique value.

Application features include:

  • Access to the definitive source for institutional investment manager data 
    Create custom portfolio analysis by unifying multiple strategies that are built on robust datasets from over 20,000 products. 
  • Analyze and Report on 3,000+ Unique Data Fields 
    Utilize your proprietary screening approach for managers and investment strategies by comparing all available data points.
  • Incorporate Custom Data and Create Proprietary Data Fields 
    Load your own data sets and analyze blended portfolios, using your proprietary algorithms.
  • Compare Investment Managers With Just One Click 
    Effortlessly screen, analyze and evaluate investment products and managers over relevant time periods.
  • Publish and Distribute Sophisticated Reports, Fact Sheets and Presentations 
    Easily write, design, batch publish and securely share or broadly distribute sophisticated communications to your beneficiaries, participants and clients.

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